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    Tyler Zerr Newbie

      Portal 2.4 CR-3
      JBoss AS 4.0.4
      Windows XP
      Hypersonic default db
      installed using JEMS-installer 1.2.0 BETA

      I am getting a "validation error" whenever I try to click on a window object in the management portlet. The error appears in the portlet view as a red line of text. Has anyone ever seen this error before?

      It also does not load the window object page, so as it stands I cannot modify or delete and Window objects that are created. I can access pages, instances, etc.

      I have not changed any configuration settings, the portal and AS are all using out of the box settings and the default Hypersonic DB for both AS and portal. There are also no errors coming of in the logs that I can tell.

      I am not sure if this problem has to do with using the JEMS installer or not. the reason I used it is it seemed to be the best (or only) way to get the portal running on the JBoss server as well as EJB 3.0

      Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated!