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    How to run JSF +AJAX portlet in jboss portal server 2..4.0 G

    mind mantra Newbie

      I have 9 JSF portlet on one portal page running on jboss portal server 2.4.0.
      When I click on any link in any portlet all the portlet get refreshed which is quite heavy on server and portal page is taking much time to load as these portlet interact with database through spring-DAO.

      I want to avoid it using AJAX so that clicking a linck in one portlet refreshes only that portlet or part of it and not others.
      How can this be done ?

      I have seen and run the AjaxPortlet from jboss portlet swap.
      but I coulldnt find any JSF + AJAX portlet example.
      Could anyone point to any such example or tell how to run JSF + AJAX portlet in jboss portal server.

      I tried AjaxAnywhere. Its working out side the portal server but when i run the same page inside the portlet its not working properly and all the portlet page get reloded as the portal page is refreshed.

      I tried ajax4jsf but it didnt work at all inside jboss app server or jboos portal server but the same example running properly in a separate Tomcat. I tried it also without jsf-ri.jar and jsf-impl.jar in my war lib as MyFaces lib is there in tomcat jsf-lib but couldnt make it run.

      Which other AJAX tools , lib or framework i can try which work inside the jboss portlet/portal.

      I want an AJAX solution which works with JSF/ MyFaces portlet.

      Any help would be greatly apreciated