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    selecting suitable UI technology

    Igor Kazarnovski Newbie

      hi people!

      In this topic I would like to discuss which UI technology is currently the best choice for the development of the JSR 168 portlets.

      Over past two years I have used a self developed framework. However it's a time to switch to a widely-used technology because at first we are going to start a new project and secondly several new developers have been added to our team and of course it makes no sense to confront them with a proprietary framework but rather to choose a widely-used one.

      After short research the first choice that I made was JSF. I have used the myfaces libraries delivered with the JBoss Portal. However there is some problems with the datascroller and fileupload components. These issues are described at the following site:


      I think that a spring portlet framework is a possible solution but before I start the development I would like to ask the community for advice. Thanks in advance for a productive brainstorming session.


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          Sohil Shah Master

          JSF is an excellent technology to implement complex MVC related applications both in standalone web environment as well as in a portal environment.

          We have adopted JSF exclusively to write a bunch of our applications here at JBoss. One of the applications that is being rearchitected using JSF/portal is our Forums technology which is currenly running on a framework called Nukes.

          I agree, there are some implementation-level workarounds that have to be done especially with handling attachments, etc and the usecases you mentioned, but overall it fits like a glove for development on portal.

          Also, there is support from the industry for JSF since there is already a JCP spec out there to build a standard-based bridge between portal and JSF technology. Industry support for technology you want to adopt for your overall architectutre is always a safe feeling.

          My two cents