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    Link paths in CMS content

    Peter Johnson Master

      I was just now playing with the quickstart.zip file, going through the steps in section 4.4, Content Management. The very last paragraph of that section implies that the links were "corrected" as part of the upload so that they now work within the portal. At least, that is the impressio nthat I had when I first read through this section.

      However, while the links for the uploaded quickstart work fine in the portal, they do not work at all if I simply unzip the zip file and try to access the html pages with my browser. It appears that the links have been "corrected" manually (yeah, you probbaly have s script that does it for you) before the zip archive was created.

      Are there any plans to provide link massaging (or correcting) when uploading archives? If that was done automatically as part of the upload, then I could build some static web content using the tool of my choice, use a browser to verify the content, then package it as a zip and upload it and be confident it still works in the portal.

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          Roy Russo Master

          Im aware of this issue. Its actually a task in jira for me, and has to do with the cms not understanding relative urls. The CMS is fine in this respect, but the problem lies in the WYSIWYG editor that needs a root path for the images and links.

          Hopefully I can get this done in 2.6, but it will require some hacking of the editor's javascript.

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            Peter Johnson Master

            Actually, one thing that I tried was this:

            I created a simple html page that references an image and two other files. The page showed just fine when I double-clicked on the html file. Zipped up the files without any base directory. I then created a directory in the CMS Admin and uploaded the files into that directory. Of course, that new directory is not in any of the relative URLs and thus none of the links, or the image reference, work.

            In this case, I never got near the HTML editor built into the CSM Admin.

            But you got me thinking about if what I did would work if I didn't load into a new directory and just uploaded into root. I will try that later and let you know how it goes.

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              1 1 Newbie


              is it possible that there is another bug in the current 2.4 release?

              The examples in the quickstartguide (JBossQuickstartForUsers.pdf) just don't work as expected. I can upload the quickstart.zip and it shows up in the CMS Admin portlet, but: I can not link to it!
              The link the CMS creates is "http://localhost:8080/portal/auth/content/quickstart/index.html", but it can not find the file, thus I am being redirected to the default page.
              Strange thing is that it works with the files that are already present before uploading, e.g. "http://localhost:8080/portal/auth/content/default/support.html" resolves fine. I just can not access the files I (a) uploaded or (b) created with the CMS.

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