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    Management Portlet, strange behaviour

    Max VanLoon Newbie

      I succesfully login as administrator into portal, and I can succesfully add/remove pages to my site deployed into portal.
      The fact is that if I restart JBoss, and I get again logged into portal, all that I have previously created is disappeared :(

      The pentaho-object.xml file into this deployed directory:


      contains all the preconfigured entries, that of course survive to the jboss restart.
      I noticed that if I make changes to that file I'll be able to see that after server restart, but it's crazy that I cannot create thinghs at runtime into the admin section of the portal and see them after server restart.
      I also noticed that my pages configuration infos are succesfully stored into auth DB schema.

      Please help, we are evaluating this solution for our next BI projects so I would like to understand if this is a lack of my skills in jboss portal, a bug, or whatever.