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    Change page within portlet

    Rene Felder Newbie


      is it possible to create a link to change the page within one portlet without modifying the url by hand.

      Normally a portlet url is created by using the Method RenderResponser.createRenderURL() that generates a URL that looks like this:

      As we can see we will find the Portal name after ctrl:window, the page name and the window name separated with a dot. I did'nt find out how I can generate a URL that changes either the page name nor the window name.

      So I am always linked to one page. What sense does this make for a big portal? This results in a very static Portal. You will also never be able to switch layout as it is bound to the page properties.

      So is there a way to change page and window when creating the URL?

      Thx Rene