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    Real world examples

    Rene Felder Newbie

      I'm looking for some real world portlet examples that use JBoss as underlying Portal framework.

      The problem with the examples I found (HelloPortal.zip, HelloWorldIPC.zip, jboss_newsportlet.zip, jboss_weatherportlet.zip, struts-demo-for-jboss-portal.zip, ...) is that they are very isolated. I know that the isolation of portlets is the focus of the portal spec but we want to write a CMS where the menu portlet as well as the head must communicate with the content portlet or whatever comes in the middle.

      We can't use an CMS framework as we must be compatible with the existing framework.

      So what about JBoss itself. Are you using JBoss Portal for your own sites (www.jboss.org)? Is the code of your portlets open source and where can I find it? Or do you have some references that are open source?

      Thx Rene

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          Daniel Rolley Newbie

          I'm glad i'm not the only one with this same problem! There seems to be a major shortage of examples which actually demonstrate the so called power of JBoss Portal.

          I am currently using JBoss Portal with Tapestry to develop a solution for my Software Engineering thesis project ("Investment Research Portal")and have had alot of problems with the initial stages of learning to use the Tapestry framework within JBoss Portal framework...

          I will be finished my project in 2 months - and i will post some of the portlets that i develop in order to expand the knowledge pool of developers of portlets.