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    Using a4j:loadBundle with facelets

    Andres Newbie


      I'm working in the development of a site that uses Facelets and RichFaces.

      I'm trying to use a message file loaded from a properties bundle included in the main template of the site, but also, a different messages file for other pages. For example, I placed the tag:

      <a4j:loadBundle basename="commonMessages" var="CommonMsg" />

      In the main template and works fine in all the pages, but, I tried placing:

      <a4j:loadBundle basename="requestsMessages" var="RequestMsg" />

      In a different page that uses the template (ui:composition) and doesn't work, it worked only when I placed the tag in the main template.

      Any suggestion for having a common message file and specific messages files for other pages without including all the bundles in the main template?

      Thanks in advance,