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    Help from portlet

    Jeroen Koek Newbie


      My mission;

      I want to implement a help window based on all help that is related to a page. This means I want to trigger the portlets to add help to a specific area on the screen. In my case it will be a div that is hidden until the user presses on the help button.

      This way I have a help that is generated by a portlet based on all portlets that are on the page.

      My problem;
      To accomplish this I'm using the actionURL that is standard for every portlet. So I have one help portlet that generates the needed help for all portlets using the actionURL.
      However this is failing; my piece of code;

      //for every window on this page we will try to trigger the help page and include this information in a global help page
      for (Iterator windowIterator = currentPage.getChildren().iterator(); windowIterator.hasNext();) {
      PortalNode portalNode = (PortalNode) windowIterator.next();
      if ( portalNode.getType() == PortalNode.TYPE_WINDOW ) {
      String actionURL = getPortalNodeHelpURL( resp, portalNode );

      private String getPortalNodeHelpURL(RenderResponse resp, PortalNode portalNode ){
      if(resp instanceof JBossRenderResponse){
      try {
      PortalNodeURL childURL = ((JBossRenderResponse) resp).createActionURL(portalNode);
      childURL.setParameter( "mode", "help" );
      return childURL.toString();

      This call leads to an exception.

      Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?