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    Dynamic default page

    Peter Halverson Newbie

      I'd like to change the default page a user sees when she logs in based on certain user attributes (roles, prefs, business location). Ideally, I'd like to have something linked to a specific (protected) target page which intercepts the request, inspects the user context, and redirects (if needed) to a different page.

      Any thoughts on how to do this? Is there a JBP interceptor stack I can hook into? I've seen a reference to using ServletFilter's, but a SF won't give me the portal context I need.


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          Viet Master

          look at the CommandFactory stuff we have. in particular DefaultPortalCommandFactory.

          We should get doc on command and url factories as they provide nice integration point for things like that. It is based on the chain of responsability pattern.

          Anyone volunteer ?