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    JSP changes with live0in support


      Hi all
      I am using JBoss portal2.4, is it possible to make changes in a JSP file & make it live. I tried it, but it only creates version & that version doesn`t become live. Live-in box was ticked already.
      If it is possible then how it can be done .

      thanks in advance

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          Thomas Heute Master

          The new version should be "live" by default.

          Are you using the clustered version ? Did you add some caching ? Did you check your browser cache ?

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            Hi Thomas,
            thanks for your response.
            I only want to know that if I create a new portlet WAR & deploy it on JBoss server , how can I use CMS on the files in that WAR , so that the changes done in JSP/HTML files in WAR become Live.

            Your response will be very helpfull to me.

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              Thomas Heute Master

              Those files are not manageable by the CMS.
              Your files need to be in the CMS "server".

              If you want to display files that are inside your war file, you need to write a portlet that will include the JSP/HTML. The same way User portlet is made.

              • 4. Urgent : Query on CMS Admin --- Make a
                Ritesh Newbie

                Hi All,
                1.) Can anyone provide details on Make a "Live" checkbox present there while creating any new file thru CMS Admin...
                What is do actally? How can it be controlled , from which configuration file? Can it would be role / portlet specific?

                2.) I wanted to know about the WorkFlow present in CMS Admin...is there any kind of workflow exist in CMS Admin?

                Is there any kind of work flow present in that where one user can create/edit some file and other user (say Admin) have to approve / publish that , then only chages should reflect. (Approval -Reviewer mechanism)

                Please revert with your suggestion!
                Thanking you in advance!