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    Changing portal-server.war configurations

    Ovidiu-Catalin Newbie

      I'm trying to migrate an existing application to JBoss Portal. I need some advice regarding the resources located in the portal-server.war application.
      To successfully configure the authentication module i have to modify the 'portal-server.war' module (security domain, login/error jsp(s)).
      So, my question: is there any possible way to leave the portal-server.war module as it is (i.e. override somehow the configurations found in this module by deploying a custom module along with jboss-portal.sar application - as we can do for themes, layouts) - from my understanding until now... this cannot be done.
      Or, do i have to import/modify and build/package/redeploy each time? This question stands also if i'm going to change another jboss portal files/modules this way.
      Are there any 'best practices' more generally how to we dynamically modify deployment descriptors (web.xml, ejb-jar.xml) embedded in deployable archives (war, jar, rar, sar, ear) during compile/deployment?