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    a non technical thing for Roy and/or Julien

    Jim Whitmoyer Newbie

      Guys -

      has JBoss ever really featured Portal during one of their On the Road "tours" or something similar.

      if not, they should. i went to the presentation that was in Philadelphia today... probably the best darned public relations seminar i have been to for quite some time... and i have been to many. they did a bang up job in promoting ON. matter of fact, they did it in such a fashion where you didnt even realize that they were promoting it.

      I think it is general consensus that all portal technology is "too new." strangely enough, in a few of the conversations that i had today with some of JBoss' customers (and one or two that arent yet, but probably will be) portal came up in discussion... some were positive, some were negative... not necessarily negative about Jboss portal, but portals in general.

      There is a great amount of confusion out there. Many developers, even highly seasoned ones, have a tough time getting off of the ground and using portal to their best of abilities, whether due to lack of complete start to finish how-to's or lack of time to master a new technology in a corporate environment. It is all about $$$. Corporate management in a majority of cases cannot relate to the true value of a portal framework... the problem that i personally am having is dealing with "whats the big deal, its just a web site." what isnt understood is that there is sometimes a range of complexities involved in utilizing this type of technology, and to compound the issue, "newness" doesnt help. The classic answer that we get from senior management is " go buy a book." Good luck finding one, or at least a decent one, on java portals / portlets.

      i kinda got a bit sidetracked there, but you get the gist of it. in some capacity, word has to spread on what the technology is, what it can do, and how to do it. JBoss has pioneered a few things in its time, and from what i can gather none of their efforts have been unsuccessful. would it be appropriate for them to "sow the fields, and see what sprouts up?" you have a better than most product. how can it be pushed out and accepted at a greater level ?