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    Full Text Search Within JBoss Portal

    Roman Muntyanu Newbie


      I'm new to JBoss portall, and portal application architecture.
      However we are now working over the project, requiring such kind of architecture. Our portal would require full-text search over different kinds of resources (our database, HTML, PDF, etc).

      I performed some investigation on the search engine and found out that JBoss Portal uses Jackrabbit (http://jackrabbit.apache.org/) as one of its components which in turn is built upon Lucene ( http://lucene.apache.org/ ) framework (a full-text search engine).

      In our application we will need to maintain structured (properties defined in a database) and unstructured (.html, .pdf, .doc etc) information.

      I have several questions about search capabilities and implementation of search.

      [Q001] How is the search performed over the structured data in the database? Is it possible by means of JBoss Portal at all?

      [Q002] How is the unstructured data put and maintained in the repository?

      The least help I'm counting on is a list of links where I can find information concearning these questions. (I couldn't find any)

      Roman Muntyanu