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    integrating user validation application maintaining JBPortal

    Denis Marzadro Novice

      Hi all,
      I'm starting using jboss portal and i'm looking for integrate a company usergate application to the portal.

      What I'm looking for is to be able to let my application validate users but after this to let make the configuration of their visibility on portlets by standard procedure already included in the JBoss Portal. So what i need to know is if it is possible disjoin login authentication from database where Jboss store the roles configurations.

      First of all I tried to use UsersRolesLoginModule, to see if i can completely remove the user/role/membership tables from datasource but it not lets me enter:unconfigured users are correctly advised and for configured users the tomcat "Access to the requested resource has been denied" message is always sent back. But it was not my first aim so, i tried to drop the involved tables after logged in the portal, but then the roles internal management look for them again and a SQL error is sent.

      Can someone help me knowing if my needs can be solved and the best way to do it?