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    problem in combobox



      I have a problem with the combobox component in the pass of the value to the ManagerBean.

      This is my code:


      <h:outputText value="#{msgapp.fincas_contactos2}"/>

      <rich:comboBox id="contactoSuggestion" value="#{fincaBean.nombreApellidoContacto}"


      <a4j:commandButton reRender="contacts" action="#{fincaBean.asociarContacto}"

      value="Seleccionar" ajaxSingle="true"/>

      When the page loads, I introduce a letter in the field, the suggestion works perfectly and I select one of the suggested options.
      But when I push the commandButton before, in the first line of the "fincaBean.asociarContacto" method where I have a breakpoint, the attribute "fincaBean.nombreApellidoContacto" that supposedly contains the option I select in the combobox, is NULL.

      Thanks for your help,