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    Facing problems in installing JBoss

    Raj kumar Newbie

      Could any one help further in going ahead with this installation. I have followed the following steps.

      I have download the jboss AS 4.0.2.zip and extracted the same in my E:/Server and renamed the same folder as E:/Server/jboss
      Then I downloaded the jboss portal 2.4.zip and also extracted the same in E:/ seperately.
      Then I set the environmental variables as follows;-
      PATH: C:\Java\jdk1.5.0_08\lib; E:\Server\jboss\lib;

      CLASSPATH: C:\Java\jdk1.5.0_08\bin; E:Server\jboss\bin;

      JAVA_HOME: C:\Java\jdk1.5.0_08

      JBOSS_HOME: E:\Server\jboss

      Then I created a SQL Server Data base instance in another system and granted rights for me. The db details are host:pegsrv; username: peguser ; password: password.
      Then I copied the jdbc driver files pertaining to Sql server i.e, msbase.jar, msutil.jar, mssqlserver.jar into the E:\server\jboss\default\lib directory of the AS.
      Then I configure the portal-sqlsdrver-ds.xml file as follows
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>








      Then I copied this file along with the portal.sar file into the E:\server\jboss\default\deploy directory of the AS.
      Then I started the run.bat file in the E:\server\jboss\bin
      The server got started, now I pointed the browser to http://localhost:8080 and saw the server console
      Now I pointed the same to http://localhost:8080/portal and i got the http -500 error.

      Could you please help me in this scenario. I too have downloaded a bundled version jboss 2.4 portal +AS. It too worked fine, but can I configure my dbase for the bundled version, if so how to do that for the sql server. Please mail me the details. Waiting for you reply.