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    Setup question.

    Sergei Rogovskiy Newbie


      I've got a problem setting up pretty simple configuration. I have a portal we b application, which requires login and then shows up a portal site instance.

      I've made a login page which is using the same tecnique as standard login page in jboss portal admin and attached it to any request /*. The problem I have is configuration of PortalServlet so my webapp can serve portal pages of specified portal instance like (myportal).

      I played with web.xml a lot and the best I can get is error 401 (authentication required) after I am successfully logged in (JAAS accepts my credentials)

      Any ideas are appreciated.

      Thank you.
      -- Sergei Rogovskiy (rogovsky@gmail.com)

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          Sergei Rogovskiy Newbie

          I investigated my problem with debugger. It is reusing on the same login-module (standard) in 2 web contexts (portal-server.war and myportal.war). It appeared that they are using the same instance of PortalAuthorizationManagerFactory and this object has some state injected by 1st context initialization (whatever you access first). So after that 2nd context doesn't go though all phases of role list initialization and therefore fails to authenticate with error 401.

          Any ideas? Shall I submit it as a bug or it is me doing that wrong?