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    Memory leak in JBoss portal 2.4

    Sandeep Pujar Newbie

      Version: Jboss Portal 2.4.0

      We suspect possible memory leak in this release.
      We did memory profiling for this version using Jprobe. Below is a detailed memory report.

      Summary of profiling:

      Test details:
      1. A simple page with only one portlet (user portlet) was created and was hit repeatedly using JMeter.
      2. A snap shot (SNAP1) was taken when the Jboss server was up and was taking requests. Memory was around 60MB mark
      3. Total requests around 24,000. Total time: 30 mins
      4. A snap shot (SNAP2) was taken again, when memory was at 90MB mark.
      5. Forced GC and another snap shot (SNAP3)taken. After GC the memory usage came done, but there was still a considerable increase.80 MB

      Has anybody seen this issue ?

      Here are the differences in memory in Snap shots taken.

      Diffrence between SNAP1 and SNAP2

      Package Class Count Memory
      Overall Difference 595,775 28,330,440
      java.util Hashtable$Entry [ ] 66,697 (huge) 3,730,832 (huge)
      java.util HashMap$Entry [ ] 39,780 (79.3%) 3,422,328 (82.2%)

      Diffrence between SNAP1 and SNAP3
      Package Class Count Memory
      Overall Difference 442,350 21,832,800
      java.util Hashtable$Entry [ ] 53,212 (huge) 2,975,672 (huge)
      java.util HashMap$Entry [ ] 19,177 (79.3%) 2,538,056 (82.2%)

      I can send the snap shot difference files if need be, I could not find a quick way to put the files here.