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    Error by building JBoss Portal from source

    Michael DNS Newbie

      I try to build a portal from source. At compilation I get an error:

      C:\Entwicklung\diplom\jb2.4trunk\build\build.xml:356: The following error occurred while executing this line:
      C:\Entwicklung\diplom\jb2.4trunk\build\build-thirdparty.xml:117: A versioning problem exists:
      Component: javassist is at version: 3.3.0.GA
       but it is also required to be compatible with: [Compatible@15ac3c9{id=null, version=3.2.0.CR1}, Compatible@1ebd75b{id=null, version=3.2.0.CR2}, Compatible@87c268{id=null, version=3.2.0.GA}]
       by: jboss/jbossretro-rt
      Total time: 17 seconds

      What is wrong here?
      (I use java version 1.4.2; with version 1.5 is the same; ant version 1.6.5)

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          Peter Johnson Master

          I just now build 2.4 from scratch and it built fine.

          Do this. Look at the META-INF/Manifest.mf file in thirdparty/javassist/lib/javassist.jar and verify that it is the 3.2 version.

          Then look for where you have the 3.3 version of javassist installed. For example, as part of a classpath (not likely, the build sets its own classpath), or in your Java endorsed directory (highly likely). If the file is in your endorsed directory, remove it.

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            Michael DNS Newbie

            Thank you Peter :)

            I have one more time builded the portal. This time all without error. I do not know why from the beginning so it has turned out.
            The build has any stochastic character. I in general changed nothing, have simply entered command one more time.
            In any case works.