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    Sub navigations in Jboss portals

    Ravi Newbie

      Hi every one
      I am really glat to have all of u as my co developers in JBoss. and Hope that u will definetly help me out in expertizing JBoss.

      Prasently I am working on JBoss portals. I am bery beginer of Jboss Portal server. Some how i could able to learn how exactly i can create deploy and manage the portlets in JBoss portal. but the major struggle i am facing now is at creating and Managing navigations along with subnavigations in JBoss portal..
      What ever i learned tiill now is my own understanding of documentation.. So please some body help me out as early as possible from this problem and give me a best way of adding Navigations and sub navigations so that i can move forther in understanding and using of JBoss

      Thanks to all my colleages in advance...

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          KVMKrishna Reddy Newbie

          You can just look at the Test portlet (came with jboss-portal itself). The actuall navigation was shown in the CatelogPortlet(which will comes with the jboss-portal).

          Basically you need to define your *-object.xml such that it has the embedead tages(See the template below).

           <page-name> ROOT_NAV_1</page-name>

          I used to get the navigation as was implemented in the Test Portlet and able to display these links as navigation items in the lefthandseide(in CatelogPortlet) in my portal based on the Roles.

          Thanks and Regards
          Murali Reddy