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    Default portal layout change problem

    wl Chung Newbie

      I try to change the layout of the default portal by updating the layout.id in the conf\default-object.xml file. Somehow it never become effective. In the admin Management Portlet, its value always 'generic'.

      On the other hand, if I change the value in Management Portlet, the change take effect immediately. Also it seems that the changes persist between after restart of the Jboss server.

      So is this the feature? Can I clear the effective of the Management Portlet. If yes, where can I do it?

      My Jboss version is 4.0.3. JBP2.2.1-SP1.


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          wang wei Newbie

          I have the same problem, I am looking for the solution!

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            Woodler Expert

            do you have the overwrite enabled? In other words: will the value in the descriptor overwrite what's in the db? You need to enable the overwrite so that with each deployment / startup the value in the descriptor will be set as the current value....

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              wl Chung Newbie

              mholzner, thanks for the tip here and actually also in other Management Portlet subjects. I think I get a better picture now. And my problem solved too.

              What I found is that the Mangement Portlet keeps/maintains a 'secret' db of the objects. Probably (not sure) everytime jb portal startup, the db is also built up (by something) from the *-object.xml files or updated according to the <if-exists>overwrite</if-exists> or <if-exists>keep</if-exists> definitions. So <if-exists>keep</if-exists> means the changes will persist between restart of jboss / jboss portal.

              My mis-concept had been that the <if-exist> was for re-deployment of a portal applications or hot re-deployment. So I could not related it to the db. As a result I did not understand then why the object definitions could survive through jbp restart.

              Now I want to see what tables the Mangement Portlet updates. But I cannot find the source of the portlet, org.apache.myfaces.portlet.MyFacesGenericPortlet . Probably in apache project, not in jboss source. I wonder if I can clear those tables to clear all the existing db changes and let it rebuild with the *.xml defaults.