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    JBoss Portal 2.2.2.CR1 released

    Viet Master

      JBoss Portal 2.2.2.CR1 has been released, you can get it at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=22866&package_id=84509&release_id=452659

      Release Notes

      ** Bug
       * [JBPORTAL-888] - Phalanx theme does not take in account the maximized region
       * [JBPORTAL-891] - Client that don't accept to join the session using cookies cannot login
       * [JBPORTAL-909] - Improper initialization of JBossPortalPermissionFactory in clustered configuration.
       * [JBPORTAL-960] - Hibernate domain configuration files do not declare properly the column constraints
       * [JBPORTAL-979] - ActionResponse.sendRedirect(String location) should work with HTTPS
       * [JBPORTAL-1033] - PortletContainer added logging causes class loading issues.
       * [JBPORTAL-1036] - Portlet container uses a log4j logger that use the portlet class name as category which leads to create a logger and prevent that portlet to uses its own logger factory
      ** Task
       * [JBPORTAL-881] - Compatibility with Hibernate 3.2 (count returns Long) and back compatibility.
       * [JBPORTAL-901] - Make namespace constant accross invocations
       * [JBPORTAL-913] - Update the JBoss logo in the default CMS content to more appropriate
       * [JBPORTAL-967] - Upgrade ehcache version to 1.2.2