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    LDAP to provide user information

    Michael DNS Newbie

      Hi All,

      I have same question:

      In my portal users are stored in a database of the portal
      and identified by means of a database. I need to connect a LDAP server, but the identification of users in a portal must not be made through these LDAP.
      Since my portal includes services from other portals I should make SSO mechanism. To each user of portal is compared the ID of user from LDAP servers. When the user login on my portal there is its identification on means of a database of my portal. Further we find the given user in LDAP Servers a foreign portal, we receive its login and the password. With these data the
      user automatically passes identification and authorization on service
      of a foreign portal which includes my portal.
      Are there any ideas how it to make? Is it possible to connect a LDAP server to JBoss portal in this case?