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    JBoss Portal 2.4.1.CR1 Released


      JBoss Portal 2.4.1.CR1 has been released, you can get it from our download page http://labs.jboss.com/portal/jbossportal/download/index.html

      Release Notes

      ** Bug
       * [JBPORTAL-964] - disorder display in 800*600
       * [JBPORTAL-998] - Eclipse project files are not up to date with structure of third party libraries
       * [JBPORTAL-1003] - Incorrect handling of producer asking for registration without requiring any registration properties
       * [JBPORTAL-1005] - WSRP URL rewriter usage not thread safe
       * [JBPORTAL-1019] - NoClassDefFoundError does not show up during portlet access
       * [JBPORTAL-1033] - PortletContainer added logging causes class loading issues.
       * [JBPORTAL-1036] - Portlet container uses a log4j logger that use the portlet class name as category which leads to create a logger and prevent that portlet to uses its own logger factory
       * [JBPORTAL-1039] - Producer NPE when no namespace prefix is provided in RuntimeContext.
       * [JBPORTAL-1041] - WSRP's processing of fragments leaves the fragment in incoherent state
       * [JBPORTAL-1050] - WSRP consumer will throw an NPE if the markup response from the producer is an empty string.
       * [JBPORTAL-1051] - NPE if no session information exists when trying to update the user cookies
       * [JBPORTAL-1053] - WSRP URLs are improperly un-escaped in situations where they should be.
       * [JBPORTAL-1060] - Empty preferences values are not retrieved properly
       * [JBPORTAL-1072] - Clustering configurations does not startup with mysql
      ** Feature Request
       * [JBPORTAL-240] - make header data available to jsp includes
       * [JBPORTAL-823] - Access to Portlet Action Request in LayoutStragegy
       * [JBPORTAL-1016] - Allow creation and deployment of WSRP portlets from descriptors
       * [JBPORTAL-1029] - Ability for an administrator to add/remove users
       * [JBPORTAL-1057] - Create/update DTD/schemas for descriptors.
      ** Task
       * [JBPORTAL-936] - Update IPC sample and docs
       * [JBPORTAL-937] - Create test for url regex rewriter in cms
       * [JBPORTAL-982] - Cookies handling in WSRP
       * [JBPORTAL-984] - Provice access to HTTP headers in request dispatch to a servlet from a portlet.
       * [JBPORTAL-987] - Check usages of ParameterValidation
       * [JBPORTAL-995] - make forums work with 2.4
       * [JBPORTAL-1002] - Check thread-safety of WSRP code.
       * [JBPORTAL-1015] - Allow reconfiguration of a portlet instance from the deployment descriptor portlet-instances.xml
       * [JBPORTAL-1018] - Do not display edit mode when user is not logged in
       * [JBPORTAL-1031] - Update docs with info on the latest installer.