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    portal testsuite changes for running against differetn datab

    Prabhat Jha Master

      I was able to run portal testsuite against sqlserver as per Julien?s suggestion that I modify test/output/etc/datasources.xml. As expected, this required having sqlserver jdbc driver in the classpath. The easiest thing I could do was to modify /tools/etc/buildfragments/modules.ent to add my jar to jboss-portal-common-classpath or jboss-portal-test-classpath. This certainly is not a good way to do this.

      Since there is a way to run testsuite against different database by adding multiple datasource test/src/etc/datasources.xml, I am guessing there should be a way to specify driver jars for these datasources as well. How has it done by portal team so far?

      If it requires manually adding the jar in classpath, then I am suggesting making some changes to build.xml so that we can pass jdbc jar as a parameter to the testsuite build.