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    user-friendly CMS handling

    Richard Smol Newbie

      I'd like to allow non-technical users to enter resources into the CMS without having to use the CMSAdmin tool. TO be precise, I want users to fill in fixed forms for text values and then have a portlet assemble its output by mixing CMS-resources together.

      Now I am thinking to make portlets that plug straight into the CMS to accomlish this, but am unsure how to do that in JBss Portal 2.4. Can somebody give me any ponters on how to accomplish this?

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          Sohil Shah Master


          You will need to use the CMSService from JNDI to interface with the CMS system and execute the necessary commands on this service to store your data.

          As a starting point, I would look at the org.jboss.portal.core.portlet.cms.admin.CMSAdminPortlet to see how it does this.

          The service uses a CommandPattern and you send it commands to execute to create a new file, delete a file, create a folder etc