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    Role authorization

    yves jusot Newbie

      After installing 2.4 release ( I was working with the Beta one), I have problem with the role management of my portal.
      I created a specific Nav bar based on the original one, (very similar) and my allowed method is :
      private boolean allowed(JBossPortalNode node, int type) throws Exception
      PortalObjectPermission perm = new PortalObjectPermission(node.getRef(), PortalObjectPermission.VIEW_MASK);
      return portalAuthorizationManagerFactory.getManager().checkPermission(perm);

      But this returns always false.

      The code was working fine with the 2.4 beta release of the portal.

      Any idea?

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          yves jusot Newbie

          Another precision: my portal is the default one. The original portal is still deployed (as sample) and role management works fine with it.
          When I had the original navigation portlet in my portal, I have the same problem: no role are applied.
          I play with the role : Admin, the basic one.

          Can't see where is the problem...