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    login not working after migration from JbossPortal 2.2 to 2.

    Praveen Cheruvu Newbie

      Hi ,

      I have migrated from JbossPortal 2.2 to Jboss Portal 2.4. I am using the the bundle.

      This what i have done:

      1.I have donwloaded the bundle

      2. I am using mysql and it shows it created 41 tables. I have made all the changes required for jbp_instances, jbp_users, jbp_portlet_state_entry. I have created two users admin and users ( All these i have done for Jbossportal 2.2)

      3.I executed the run.bat

      4. No errors shown on console

      5. Point the url to http://localhost:8080/portal login screen comes up
      I have used admin/admin as userid/password (user/user as userid/password does not work). I get HTTP status 404 error with the following on the url


      6. I tried with http://localhost:8080/portal/portal
      I get HTTP status 401

      Can some one please tell me what iam doing wrong ? Can you please throw some light