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    location URL to redirect to after signout

    TY Newbie

      I need to redirect to a given location after having signed out from my jboss portal 2.4
      Apparently the UserPortlet allows to redirect to a given location as shown by the following code:

      public void userLogout(JBossActionRequest req, JBossActionResponse resp) throws IOException
       String locationURL = req.getParameter("locationURL");
       if(locationURL != null)

      The way I understand it is that if I call somthing like:

      I should be redirected to myUrl? This doesn't work. Am I missing something?

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          Magesh Bojan Master

          Basically that parameter has to be set in the PortletRequest and not in the HttpRequest. See menu.jsp fragment below:

          <a id="logout" href="
           <portlet:actionURL windowState="normal">
           <portlet:param name="op" value="userLogout"/>
           <portlet:param name="locationURL" value="/portal/portal/default/default"/>
          Logout and return to default page

          The tag portlet:actionURL does the actual work.