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    How apply role policy in portlet?

    Manuel Ottaviano Newbie

      Hi JBoss world,
      I'm trying to apply a role policy in a portlet deployed in JBoss Portal v. 2.4. I want to restrict the access to my portlet depending of the role of the authenticated user (using the portal capabilities)....
      I can access to user information by using
      Map userInfo = (Map) rRequest.getInformations(); and get for example the locale variable, but not the role information....
      So I also try with the
      rRequest.isUserInRole("role") but does not work in my portlet.....
      I also try by using the descriptor using
      but it stil not works....
      I only want to get role information... I can program the policy inside the portlet... but I need this information....
      I'm a bit lost....
      Thanks for the attention
      Manuel Ottaviano