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    JBossPortal 2.4 and IFrame portlet from portalswap

    Praveen Cheruvu Newbie


      I used IFrame portlet from portalswap with JBossPortal 2.2 , it worked without a problem.

      I have up-graded to JBossPortal2.4, and when i deploy the IFrame portlet it says
      the following

      16:56:20,149 INFO [TomcatDeployer] deploy, ctxPath=/iframeportlet, warUrl=.../deploy/iframeportlet.war/
      16:56:20,352 WARN [InstanceMetaData] The instance IFramePortletInstance will not be created because the component referenced is outside of the same web app iframe.IFramePortlet

      How do i overcome this. Can someone please throw some light.