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    Multi-iframes in one jsp page

    gaofei ye Newbie

      I am using jboss-4.0.3SP1 and jportal-2.2.0. And my job is transferring an existing struts web application to a jportal web application. So I used apache portal struts bridge.

      Now I meet a problem about iframe. There is a jsp page which contains more than one iframes(use html tag <iframe src=??.?> ). So the jsp page code looks like this:

       <iframe id=?frameA? src=?URLa?> </iframe>
      <iframe id=?frameB? src=?URLb?> </iframe>
      <iframe id=?frameC? src=?URLc?> </iframe>

      When I enter in this jsp page, it should show three iframes, which contain different pages. But, mostly, the iframeC just show blank. iframeB show the page which comes from URLa, and iframeA show the page which comes from URLa. Sometimes, iframeB and iframeA will show the page which comes from URLb. I checked all of the logs, no error or exception has been thrown.

      I think the reason maybe that when I enter this jsp page, those iframes will send three requests to the jboss server at the same time. But jobss server can only handle one request at the same time. So it will send the same response to those iframes. I am not sure if it is the correct reason. So I need your help. Thanks!!