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    David Hoffman Newbie

      Using: jboss-portal-2.4.0-bundled

      By default, under the Admin page, in the Management Window, under "root" there is a "default" portal.

      If I create a new portal under "root", called "newportal" for instance, I can access that portal by going to /portal/newportal.

      However, the desired effect would be to have the "newportal" be the portal that is displayed when a user goes to /portal.

      I have scoured the documentation and wiki as well as the forums - I found a similar question that was never answered - but have been unsuccessful in finding a solution.

      If it is not possible, could someone just speak up and confirm that so that I don't continue trying to find a way to do this and can focus on working within the confines of the "default" portal.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          The Portal displays a portal named "default" by default. I have not been able to determine if there is a way to change this (looking at the source seems to indicate that this name is hard-coded).

          What I have done to create a new portal is defined the whole thing within a separate *-object.xml file. Then I modified jboss-portal.sar/conf/data/default-object.xml, changing the < portal-name > entry to something other than default. Also, in my *-object.xml file I modified the < portal-name > entry to be 'default'. I placed my *-object.xml file into the jboss-portal.sar/conf/data directory (yes, there are now two *-objects file in that directory). Finally, I deployed the jboss-portal.sar to a clean JBoss installation with a clean database.

          • 2. Found it by mistake
            David Hoffman Newbie

            Thanks Peter.

            I did find a solution, quite frankly by mistake. I looked to see what it was that defined a default page for a portal, and figured it was worth a try.

            I am not sure how you would do through xml files etcetera, but I did find out that you could do it though the management portlet on the Admin Tab of the "default" portal.

            Click on the root node.
            Click on properties.
            Add a new property named "portal.defaultObjectName" with
             a value of the new portal instance (in my example "newportal")
            Click update.

            Now when you go to /portal you end up getting to the new portal instance.