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    rich:tree max width

    andrei vasile Newbie

      hello, ppl i have a problem and i was wondering if you could help me so, here goes:

      the application i am developing has a fluid layout, on the page i have a div with width stated in % which contains a rich:tree component. when the tree is expanded, the containing div modifies it's dimensions to fully fit the tree and messes up the layout.

      i want the div to have a style like
      width:50%; of it's parent,
      height:50% of it's parent,
      overflow:auto; so when the cotained rich:tree expands more than the actual div's dimensions vertical and horizontal scroll bars appear.

      i know it is not a richfaces framework issue but
      i was wondering if the tree has something like this build into it, to automatically display scrollbars if it's dimensions overflow, or if you know any trick to achieve this.

      thank you for your time.... and keep up the good work :)