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    lossing of attributes in the request scope of jsf

    Vadym Karpenko Newbie

      I am playing around with a simple jsf portlet and have stuck on the problem that managed bean with the scope request lose its attributes and they are not available at the result page. But when I run this application in tomcat lice web app everything is ok.
      Here is some more details :

      inputname.jsp main part:
       <h:form >
       <h:inputText id="userName" value="#{PersonBean.userName}"/>
       <h:commandButton id="submit" action="#{PersonBean.sayHi}" value="Say Hello" />
      PersonBean.sayHi :
       public String sayHi(){
       userName+=" (hello from jsf core)";
       return "ok";
      greetings.jsp main part:
       <h:outputText value="#{PersonBean.userName}" />!

      So when the scope request it works ok like web app but id doesn't when it is working like jsf portlet.

      Can anybody explain to me why ? Can this be a bug of jboss portal?