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    JBOSS portal + portletbridge

    Elangovan Kulandaivelu Newbie


      I downloaded protletbridge and deployed successfully.Now i wanted to do webcliping. Not sure how to do it . Is there any documentation OR example available . I searched a lot ..but i didn't get any documentation.

      FYI : I'm using JBOSS portal 2.4.

      Can you please help me out ...


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          Brian Day Newbie

          I installed portlet bridge successfully (I think) into 2.6 then:
          - Went to admin clicked on "Portlets"
          - Selected portletbridge
          - Created an instance called "Google" and saved
          - clicked on "Instances"
          - Selected Google and attached a value of http://www.google.com to the initUrl variable
          - Went to a page and added the google instance to a page...

          Result: Internal Error :-(

          I could use some help. Does Portlet Bridge work with 2.4 or 2.6?

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            Abby Fichtner Newbie

            It was just updated about 2 days ago to work with 2.6, so you might need to grab the latest version.

            However, I have the latest version and when I set initUrl, the portlet displays:

            There was a problem while processing your request: Initial URL problem: preference not defined

            In the log, it shows:
            16:45:13,437 WARN [PortletBridgePortlet] javax.portlet.PortletException: Initial URL problem: preference not defined
            javax.portlet.PortletException: Initial URL problem: preference not defined

            Is that the same thing you're seeing?

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              Dejan Gambin Newbie


              Did you maybe solve the „initial url problem“? I have the same problem but only when user is not authenticated. Otherwise it works but I need this content to be accessible to unchecked users.

              Thanks very much

              Regards, dejan