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    Integrating existing Struts based application within the Por

    Girish Ramagiri Newbie


      The need is to integrate the existing Struts based application within the portlets.

      However I have observed couple of things:

      1. From the jsps within the portlet, I cannot redirect using a relative URL (ex: //MainMenuLogonAction.do). The server throws invalid path requested error. Instead if I use http://localhost:8080//MainMenuLogonAction.do, it redirects. But in this case if I need to pass parameters say http://localhost:8080//MainMenuLogonAction.do?param1=A&param2=B...... the server throws problem accessing absolute path error.

      2. The links & form actions always open a new window which should actually open in the same portlet.

      There seems to be a clash between the PortletContext & ServletContext & StrutsContext.

      Kindly let me know how you resolved these issues.

      1. I am using JBoss Portal 2.4
      2. The war deployed is a single war comprising of the existing Struts based application and the Portal framework code.

      Many thanks in advance.