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    Server 500 error after modifying the JSF portlet tutorial

    yachaa Newbie

      I am learning to develop JSF based portlet.

      I took the JSF tutorial template for a ground of my application. First thing as usual, I develop the login menu.

      I have managed to show the portlet in the window. But when clicking the login button, it generates HTTP500 error with thousands of error. I simplify the functions and come up with the following

      This is a function of the Phoenix class (alias userbean)
      public class Phoenix {

      private String username_;
      private String password_;
      public String verify()
      if (this.username_.equalsIgnoreCase(this.password_))
      return "false";
      return "verified";


      and this is the faces-config.xml :

      <managed-bean-name>phoenix</managed-bean-name> <managed-bean-class>com.MSD.NeoGenesis.phoenix.Phoenix</managed-bean-class>

      <from-view-id>/WEB-INF/jsp/phoenix.jsp </from-view-id>

      and this is the snapshot of the jsp button

      <h:commandButton action="#{phoenix.verify}" value="Login"></h:commandButton>

      Please let me know whether I miss anything. this would help me a lot in kicking off the rest of the project. Thx beforehand