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    Where are industrial and nphalanx layout

    Peter Coppens Newbie


      I am starting with jboss( portal) and downloaded the 2.6 bunddle.

      All works just fine.

      Now I am trying some initial things to change the layout and while reading through the doc I came across http://docs.jboss.com/jbportal/v2.6/reference-guide/en/html/themeandlayouts.html#d0e4351

      To implement this encapsulation there are several ways:

      * JSPs that get included from the layout JSP for each region/portlet
      * a taglib that allows to place region, window, and decoration tags into the layout JSP
      * a taglib that uses a pluggable API to delegate the markup generation to a set of classes

      In JBoss Portal you can currently see two out of these approaches, namley the first and the last. Examples for the first can be found in the portal-core.war, implemented by the nodesk and phalanx layouts. Examples for the third approach can be found in the same war, implemented by the industrial and Nphalanx layout. What encapsulates the markup generation for each region, window, and portlet decoration in this last approach is what's called the RenderSet.

      I can however not seem to find the industrial nor Nphalanx layout.

      Are these no longer available or am I overlooking them?