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    How to call a Beehive page flow controller from a JBoss Port

    nicolas duminil Master

      While Beehive webapps work properly in JBoss , I'm experiencing problems while trying to use Beehive page flow controllers in JBoss Portal based portlets. The Beehive documentation states that a page flow controller URL is something like http://:///Controller.jpf but using it in a portlet, as for example, getPortletContext().getRequestDispatcher("http://localhost:8080/netui-tutorial/myFlow/Controller.jpf"), doesn't work, raising NPEs. BEA's WebLogic Portal uses Beehive page flows controllers in portlets through netuix tags in portlet.xml. Does the equivalent exist in JBoss Portal or how may I get Beehive apps running in thie environment ?
      Many thanks in advance.