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    Simplifying URL's

    Peter Coppens Newbie


      Could someone guide me to documentation on what it takes to simply the complete portal URL

      I have made a portal instance with a default page and I would like to make the URL look like


      I have tried a few things like updating the jboss-app.xml in my war with but even then the url still looks too convoluted, e.g.


      For a reason I don't undertstand I need to add the "portal" piece.

      All help or pointers well appreciated, and if someone helps me figure this out I will be happy to start a wiki page on all aspects of jboss portal url's which at least I would find useful.



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          Thomas Heute Master

          The 2 first step would be to change the port to 80 and change the context path to "/" if that's your main application. It would reduce to:


          If you replace the default portal


          would work

          the /portal/ is there to seperate access to the portal to access to other resources like the CMS content (accessible at /content/)

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            Peter Coppens Newbie

            That helps, thanks.

            Some other observations/considerations/questions

            - Replacing the default portal does not seem to be documented. I found something in http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=93867 which works, but I would rather not depend on the database but on the xml configuration. Can this be done?

            - When I generate URL's using

            a 'auth/portal' prefix is generated even though the url from where I start is indeed http://host. Can something be done about this?

            - Would there not be an advantage in trying to move away from the approach where the 'content' and 'portal' parts to navigate to either portal content or cms content. It seems that the average user (typically a viewer of content in most cases) should not be exposed to this.

            I have not tried whether it actually works in Liferay, but perhaps a feature similar to Liferay's "short url" might be worth the effort (although I have no idea how easy that would be to implement)?