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    missing required library ..thirdparty\jbossas..

    Sergey Pomtkin Newbie

      it's probably lame and/or unimportant question but I wasn't able to resolve it in 5 min. so, it might worth posting..

      I'm trying to build portal server v. 2.6 from sources

      I got JBossIDE for Eclipse Version: 2.0.0 (Build id: 2.0.0.Beta2)

      downloaded jboss-portal-2.6.0-DR1-src

      installed SVN plug in and attempted to import anonymous-projectSet.psf from jboss-portal-2.6.0-DR1-src\build\ide\eclipse\3.2\team

      it went fine except projects failed to compile cause they all depend on bunch of libraries from third-party folder (missing in src archive)

      hence failing with errors like

      Project bridge is missing required library: '\thirdparty\jbossas\core-libs\lib\jboss-common.jar'

      Question - is there any easier way to obtain all of this jars then just hunting them one by one, crossing fingers I got right version?