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    JBoss Portal 2.4.1.CR2 Released

    Viet Master

      2.4.1.CR2 has been released, the interesting improvements since the last release candidate :

      - backport of the astonishing new 2.6 Renaissance theme feat. Mr. Cobb for the awesome design and our Guitar Hero 2 for the backport

      - performance improvements by Sohil

      - rewrite of the portlet container cache due to popular demand in order to fully implement the spec

      We also have other another couple of good improvements that were already in the previous RC1 but it's really worth to mention it

      - WSRP cookie management largely improved thanks to Chris

      You can get it from our download page http://labs.jboss.com/portal/jbossportal/download/index.html

      Release Notes

      Release Notes - JBoss Portal - Version 2.4.1.CR2
      ** Bug
       * [JBPORTAL-740] - Postgres constraint violation causes CMS create to blank portlet
       * [JBPORTAL-1003] - Incorrect handling of producer asking for registration without requiring any registration properties
       * [JBPORTAL-1072] - Clustering configurations does not startup with mysql
       * [JBPORTAL-1082] - Unable to edit properties of portlet instances that ship with Portal
       * [JBPORTAL-1095] - Failure in producer form processing when using array of parameters
       * [JBPORTAL-1104] - setting expiration cache has no effect.
       * [JBPORTAL-1117] - Performance issue in PortletResourceBundleManager
       * [JBPORTAL-1118] - Localized portlet titles obtained from resource bundles don't fallback to english
      ** Feature Request
       * [JBPORTAL-823] - Access to Portlet Action Request in LayoutStragegy
       * [JBPORTAL-1057] - Create/update DTD/schemas for descriptors.
      ** Patch
       * [JBPORTAL-1093] - MyFaces/Tomahawk library patch
      ** Task
       * [JBPORTAL-822] - Ensure that producer is back to a default state before the beginning of each test.
       * [JBPORTAL-936] - Update IPC sample and docs
       * [JBPORTAL-982] - Cookies handling in WSRP
       * [JBPORTAL-995] - make forums work with 2.4
       * [JBPORTAL-1083] - Include new Red Hat EULA
       * [JBPORTAL-1090] - fix testsuite build to include db driver jars for portal testing
       * [JBPORTAL-1119] - Introduce 2.4 to the Renaissance (theme)
       * [JBPORTAL-1134] - explicitly set up hibernate dialect for portal testsuite

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          Shanker Reddy Ravula Newbie

          Hi Royce and Julian,
          We are planning to use JBoss Portal 2.4 GA. But we are facing some of the memory leak issues with Jboss Portal 2.4 GA.

          As i have seen in the release note of 2.4.1 CR2, there are lot of changes related to performance improvement.

          We are new to Jboss, So I want to know when will be GA for the 2.4.1 CR2 will be released.

          Thanks alot for your advise in advance.

          Thanks & Regards,
          RS REDDY

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            Bradley Smith Master

            The portal_2_0.dtd supplied with the source code does not match the documentation. The documentation shows the root element to be . The DTD states that the root element is .

            Which is correct?

            I am trying to figure out which version of JBoss Portal to use (if any) to start a new portal project. It's the constant mismatch or lack of documentation on key aspects of this system that's making me think of just punting on the portal and sticking with Seam.

            (IMHO) most 'real' companies that are looking to create a portal are going to approach this the same way as I am:

            - how do I customize security for my infrastructure?
            - how do I create/customize pages for my organization (look and feel, etc.)
            - where's the documentation to do this? 'cause the documentation that comes with the portal doesn't quite match up.

            Last year, when I put together a JBoss Portal 2.0.1 project, the portal was so much easier to customize and use. Now, I can't figure out where to get started because basically it's a 50-50 crap shoot that the documentation actually describes how to do something a.) correctly, and b.) coherently.

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              Viet Master

              perhaps we should have a customization guide that would guide step by step how to customize and integrate ?