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    Portlet markup fragment

    Trieu Nguyen Newbie

      Hi all,
      I currently learn markup fragment rendered by portlet. I read WSRP v1 and JSR 168 specification.
      The WSRP specification said that markup fragment contains the URL of the portlet in Producer and other things (e.g. MarkupResponse) but it don't said any things about HTML format of fragment. My question is whether the fragment have HTML format or not. If yes what is it ? Where can I find this document ? How about markup fragment rendered by portlet written by JSR 168 ?

      Trieu Viet Nguyen

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          Trieu Nguyen Newbie

          Hi there,
          This is the answer.
          The fragments produced by WSRP and JSR168 must be valid HTMLor XHTML
          fragments (depending on the content type of the request) but other than
          that no special syntax is mandated by the specs.
          The URLs however that are included in the markup and that semanatically
          point back to the portlet (e.g. as an action or a render URL) need to
          comply with some rules:

          JSR168: all action/render URLs must be generated via the JSR168 API. No
          assumption about the structure of these URL must be made, they need to be
          written as-is onto the output stream
          WSRP: all action/render URLs need to either use rewriting templates or
          syntactically match the rewrite URL format as defined by the specification.