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    unable to build jboss portal open source

    anjana patel Newbie

      i have got jboss portal source from jboss cvs using wincvs option (since my eclipse cvs is blocked on firewall) .
      after i import all the projects in my eclipse, it get class parth error for thirdparty, for that i understand i have to run build from the build folder,

      however the build is unsuccessfull due to following error

      Executing D:\jboss\jboss-portal-2.4.0-src\build\..\tools\bin\ant.bat -logger org.apache.tools.ant.NoBannerLogger
      Buildfile: build.xml

      [get] Getting: http://repository.jboss.com/antlr/2.7.6.ga/component-info.xml
      [get] To: D:\jboss\jboss-portal-2.4.0-src\thirdparty\antlr\component-info.xml
      [get] Error getting http://repository.jboss.com/antlr/2.7.6.ga/component-info.xml to D:\jboss\jboss-portal-2.4.0-src\thirdparty\antlr\component-info.xml

      can anyone provide steps to build jboss portal source.
      i have check out the thirdparty folder from the cvs. but have no luck on how to solve the class path errors on jboss portal source for thirdparty

      could you please guide, is there something missing in my environment....