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    AJAX Integration with a Struts portlet application

    Jayant gadi Newbie

      Hi ,

      I'm working on a portlet application where i'm using ajax also and is

      based on struts.

      The problem is that when i map a jsp page through the forward struts tag.

      It tries to render the complete JBoss web page inside that single portlet as

      ajax is being used for performing action.

      Conclusion : I think i need to display using empty renderer and only

      the target portlet is renderd using it.

      For the same i came across to a forum where he has written his own

      portlet class and then handled ajax implementation.


      So do i also need to implement all the classes on my own inheriting from

      the classes in package org.apache.portals.bridges.struts or there is some

      direct way to implement ajax with struts-portlet application.