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    IPC using AJAX

    Sirisha Yellamraju Newbie

      I'm using Jboss Portal 2.4 bundled version.

      Currently I've implemented IPC scenario without Ajax as follows:
      I made the image as a link and onclick of the image in portlet A, I'm sending the imageName as hidden parameter using javascript to the portletA.java.
      In this java file, in processAction() method, I'm getting the imageName and setting it in the portlet session (APPLICATION_SCOPE).

      In portletB.java, in doView() method I'm getting the imageName from the APPLICATION_SCOPE. Depending on this value (i.e., if imageName != null)I'm displaying a HTML page in portlet B.

      I have both the portlets in the same war file.

      portlet A and portlet B are visible on the page for the first time.
      It reloads the entire page onclick of the image in portlet A, thus influencing the portlet B.

      I want the scenario to be as follows:
      Only portlet A should be visible for the first time.
      Onclick of the image in portlet A, on the fly portlet B should come up without reloading the entire page.