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    Tomahawk tree2 tag doesn't display correctly in portlets

    nicolas duminil Master


      I'm using a Tomahawk tree2 tag which doesn't display correctly its icons GIFs. In order to solve the problem I added the "imageLocation" attribute as follows:

      <t:tree2 id="accntMenuTree" value="#{accntMenuTreeBacker.treeData}" var="node"
      varNodeToggler="t" preserveToggle="false" clientSideToggle="false" imageLocation="/images">

      After that, most of icons are found but the one named "spacer.gif". However, it is in the same place at the other ones which display correctly. Looking at the generated HTTP source I noticed that all icons URLs are http://localhost:8080/happyportal/images/*.gif, which is correct. Only the spacer.gif URL is http://localhost:8080/images/spacer.gif, which isn' correct.

      Does anybody have a solution ?

      Many thanks in advance,