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    Assesment of JB Portal for my needs....

    Mick Knutson Newbie

      I can't tell you how cross eyed I am looking at the various CMS and portal solutions to decide on.

      So, I was hoping to describe my general requirements, and hope that someone very familiar with JB portal can give me some insight as to how well JB Portal fits...

      To start, I am creating a site to stream dance radio shows for various genre's of dance music. I also have plenty of content about each set, and the artist that performed each set. (we have thousands already) Then there will be a perpetual flash player to play these sets. Then the next phase is to integrate a shopping cart to purchase the songs from each set.

      * Easy for non-developer staff to add and edit pages for the site.

      * Ability for Artists to add set pages.

      * SSO Integration with DB Users

      * Ability to easily build application with Maven, and deploy on Dev, then PROD servers.

      * Ability to use advanced Ajax for services.

      * Integrated, search engine, or easy integration for content search.

      * Ability to quickly and easily re-skin the overall look

      Some questions:

      * Can I deploy all portlets and libs in an ear with JB Portal?

      * Is the content jsut stored with Jackrabbit? How can I synch content from DEV, QA and PROD for testing?

      Are skins part of the build/war or are they part of the content stored in jackrabbit?